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Our online store can now take orders, just simply click the Store button in the menu, then select one of our soap types to see them. We are still adding pictures as we have such a large variety so it takes a little time. You can also contact us via the Contact page or call us at 727-481-6776. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, instagram & Yelp. Thank you so much for visiting our site.

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Arizmendi’s Natural Soap’s is a Family owned business. The Soap maker is Carolyn, and her husband Richie is the Financial and IT person. Our children and grandchildren are our support staff who add in differing vantage points to inspire creative ideas for the soap making process. Our family strives to make good & healthy natural products. Our equipment is sanitized before and after every batch of soap is created. Our soaps utilize many different types of essential oils, along with high grade body oils inspired by my grandmother’s belief that always said when cooking something, “If you can’t smell it, you’re not doing something right.” We keep that in mind when doing hot process as well as cold process soaps. Every item used is “food grade”.

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Safety Information:
Skin types vary. Some essential, body, and/or fragrance oil’s may irritate certain types of skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Please consider your skins potential irritants before ordering.

Our perfumed soaps contain high quality body oils that are inspired by the fragrances they’re named after. Names are used on our site to let you know the inspiration behind the scent. However none of our body oils are affiliated with any of these trademarks, brands, or their respective owners in any way. The scents have been formulated by trusted companies who have been around for many years.

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